Sunday, July 18, 2010

Geneva - Vegetable Tour and Pet Recycling

 Geneva - the Less Serious Side

Have we got a bus for you.  Spotted near the Red Cross Red Crescent Museum:  The VegaTour.  Is this for vegetables, vegetarians, vegans, or other erstwhile Pommes de Terres aux Couches? Oh, heck.

The real Vegetable Tours turns out, apres computaire, to be the fine Czech Vega-Tour Company, see ://  We meant no harm, but international travel does result in some funny intra-linguistic gymnastics.  

Next linguistic shenanigans.  

Tired of your pet?  We have a solution, for the inconvenient petit barkaire, and at our hotel.

Le petit woof? Un exchange, peut-etre. L'hotel pour tout les problemes du touristes.

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