Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vevey: Charlie Chaplin, The Fork, Eminescu, the Chair and You; at Lake Geneva

Vevey. Not far from Montreux, on Lake Geneva. On the Swiss Riviera.

It deserves its accolades for surroundings. Charlie Chaplin came here to live, in 1953, with his family after being subjected to the witch hunts of the McCarthy era in the US. He was in his 60's then, see He died here in 1977, at age 88 or so.

Charlie Chaplin memorial, view toward Lake Geneva, Switzerland

  • Update to 2014:  The life of Charlie Chaplin is now memorialized in a new biography by Peter Ackroyd, see Financial Times review by Susie Boyt at  A "perilous and often frightening" childhood, with "disturbances and deprivations" -- humiliations and a mother's madness fostered in the child and adult Charlie Chaplin a multitude of defenses and drive for power and control, and the uses of timing and humor in his repertoire of mannerisms, the unexpected.  He once shared an apartment with Stan Laurel.  Through his work, he portrayed "a life in a world that may not be worth inhabiting".
  • By 1915, he was "the most famous person in the world" and at about age 25.

Charlie Chaplain contemplates The Fork, Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland

Now: The fork in the lake.  Apparently this commemorates the tenth anniversary of a food museum across the way:  Henri Nestle started his powdered milk factory here in the 19th Century.

Lake Geneva has been settled for thousands of years, but the earliest Celtic tribes left no written records.  Start, then, with the Romans in the first century BC, if you need writing. Romans, then Burgundians, then Dukes of Savoy, Reformation and Revolution.  And an international role in its secret banking, alleging neutrality in order to maximize profits from that, then League of Nations and United Nations at Geneva, and the Red Cross. Switzerland in a nutshell, or bank vault.

 Look at the changes in boundaries among groups claiming this area throughout history, at ://  Many forks in those roads.

Giant fork, Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland. Commemorates food products museum.

Now, for romance.

What other visage is that, which now presents its solitary self to mine wandering eyne?

A romantic poet, bigger than life, also gazing soulfully out to Lake Geneva's far shores. Mihai Eminescu, 1850-1889. Ah, so young, she sighed.

Mihai Eminescu, Romanian poet, Lake Geneva, Vevey, Switzerland

Read his poetry, aloud, standing and gesturing in front of your own mirror. Do three a day. Start at :// Did your life improve? No? Do it again. He appreciates you. He really does. The one entitled, "Desire" however, must be whispered.

The melancholy one.  I have been searching....

Vevey, Lake Geneva, Switzerland: Mihai Eminescu, or M. Eminovici (Eminovitch)
 Here is a brief biography - see :// died in Bucharest, after 5 years of paralysis. but no information is given about its origin.

There's a place for you, as well, while you read, or contemplate.  Sit here, at the Lake, in a formed chair bolted to the rock against the storms.

Chairs on the rocks, Vevey, Lake Geneva shore, Switzerland

At first, they look like some form of sea bird. but have faith.  Those are two little chairs just for you; and just a solitary bird beside. Just watch your step.  No railings. Just clamber down.

Chair for you, bolted to rock, Lake Geneva shore, Vevey, Switzerland